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ACSE Limited offers a Turn Key end of line solution for various Industries utilizing the quality and reliability of OMRON Robotic and Vision Systems and is a certified System Integrator for OMRON.

High Speed Packaging

Packaging is an important part of the manufacturing process. It minimizes product contamination, helps protect products from damage, and enables marketing and branding for products. For high speed packaging processes that require repetitive, manually intensive product handling, robots are the ideal solution. Compared with manual labour, high speed packaging robots enable greater throughputs, better quality, and more reliability.

Our Robots

ACSE Limited offers a wide range of high speed packing robots. Our Quattro s650H and 650HS robot is the industry’s fastest packaging robots. The Quattro features a long vertical stroke and high level of performance across its extensive work envelope. It is the only robot of its kind to features an embedded amplifier and ultra-compact control panel.

Our Commitment

Subject to the terms of the limited warranty in effect at the time of purchase, ACSE Limited will repair or exchange any product that fails to meet the specifications provided within the product’s warranty period. With our products kept as stock items, we can replace any faulty Robot or parts off with-in hours.

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