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Competenz is one of New Zealand’s industry training organisations. We work with more than 3,500 companies around the country and 26,000 apprentices and trainees – 4,200 of those in the engineering sector and 3,400 in manufacturing.

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We design training plans to suit your business, then support your employees as they gain skills on-the-job. We check on their progress, assess their work, and register their unit standards with NZQA so they gain nationally recognised qualifications. 

Working with so many engineering and manufacturing firms, we gain valuable insight into the workforce challenges people are facing every day. Because we know the industries so well, we can design workforce development solutions to help businesses realise both immediate and long-term gains.

As well as technical skills training, we offer qualifications that can help your employees become more productive across the board, such as training in people management, leadership, sales, merchandising, distribution and competitive systems and practices.

And if you’re not in a position to take on a whole qualification but still want to build skills to meet the changing needs of your industry, then Microlearning courses and workshops are a good option.

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