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Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox

“Our Fuji Xerox 3D Systems printers are critical to the high-level of production and design needed to make Rodin Cars a success.” Said David Dicker, Owner, Rodin Cars.”

Fuji Xerox New Zealand is the 3D partner of choice for some of the country’s most innovative businesses. Our customers include leading tertiary education providers, manufacturers, healthcare, jeweller, dental, investment casters and research and development departments. 

Being at the forefront of the tremendous growth in the local 3D market has also gained us ongoing global recognition. But although we think big, we know it’s often the small things we do that matter to our customers.

The right technology, for the right job

We have the largest single range of 3D printers in New Zealand, spanning the personal (such as miniatures and models), professional (design prototypes), and production (jewellery, short-run manufacturing) areas.  Our devices print everything from wax to pure titanium.

We supply the software behind the technology along with all your printing substrates.

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