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HW Technologies

HW Technologies

HW Technologies provides the latest technical solutions for Australian and New Zealand industry. With our global contacts we source and advise on customised solutions in production, acoustics, energy and ergonomic workplaces.

Our partners are industry leaders with the very highest reputations for innovation, quality and reliability. In Australia and New Zealand, we provide an extended service that includes customisation, consultancy, trouble shooting as well as extensive after sales support and service.

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The Optimum data-management solutions GmbH began twenty years ago with individual software development for major corporations and corporations operating nationwide, the Karlsruhe-based company has continued to drive forward and now specializes in intelligent image recognition.

The assistance system "Schlauer Klaus" developed by Optimum is a database-supported solution for various processes on the supply chain and is used in aerospace, electronics, automotive and other industries. The Federal Ministry of Economics has already supported this development twice with an innovation grant.

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Maul Teeth

The VibroLaser ScanSet simply upgrades an existing single-point laser vibrometer to a fully equipped scanning laser vibrometer system. It is shipped with a Data Acquisition with 4 analog input channels to measuser-friendly measurement and analysis software quickly processes the vibrations data, graphical display and animations. It has next to the high precision laser deflection unit a CCD-Camera for photo realistic capture of the measurement object.

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gfai tech’s acoustic camera was the first commercially viable system using beam-forming to visually localise acoustic emissions. Brought to the market in 2001 as a pioneer technology, the acoustic camera has become a metaphor for beamforming systems.  The benefits of acoustic cameras are straightforward: Noise sources are visualized, quality problems are detected and development times are reduced.  The fields of application are as various as the world of sound and range from measurements in the open field, acoustic labs to the use in automation engineering.

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Mycronic delivers electronic production lines that are highly flexible, precise and cost efficient.  Mycronic's innovation has made stencil printing obsolete. With its revolutionary jet printer you can take a customer’s order in the morning and deliver finished boards in the afternoon.  Mycronic’s SMD Towers are automated and expandable buffer storage units. Regardless of whether you request a single reel or tray, or automatically process a complete kitting list, the system records every movement and keeps track of all stored reels and component quantities.  Mycronic's MY200e series pick-and-place machines ensure trade-offs between speed and flexibility are a thing of the past. With the fastest changeovers in the industry and workcell solutions reaching speeds of up to 180,000 cph, you can have both. 

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Elabo is the technology leader in developing and manufacturing intelligent measurement and test equipment for the electrical industry and electrical occupations.  High-quality devices, software, test systems and furnishings are used for training, research and development, production and quality assurance as well as by customer service departments.

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