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Locus Research

Locus Research

With over 15 years in operation, Locus Research has built a reputation for deep research, original product development, and rock solid implementation. They are experts at developing innovative and commercially successful products.

They seek to challenge and redefine product development through the use of research and life cycle thinking.

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Their experienced and cross-functional team has expertise across a number of disciplines which enables them to generate insights and opportunities from broad perspectives and translate these into benefit led solutions in product, brand, digital, service, and other mediums.

While product development is their core business, they also consult on strategy and innovation for businesses. They also believe in giving back, contributing time to activities and projects focused on growing innovation in NZ.

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Partnering with Locus can reduce the upfront cost of development and the load on internal management time by delivering a single, accountable product research, development, and management solution for your business.

Visit to find out more or give us a buzz on 07 577 1650 to start the conversation.

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