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Manukau Institute of Technology

Manukau Institute of Technology

Manukau Institute of Technology is where your next trainee will come from, we work with the engineering and manufacturing industry to provide quality training and qualifications that meet industry standard.


Graduates from our pre-apprentice courses have the essential skills to jump straight into employment and train as an apprentice, they are taught hands on skills in a practical learning environment that simulates the current working industry. Apprentices who come through MIT for their off-job training will work with tutors who are industry experienced and keep up to date with the changes to technology and the industry.


Whether you’re an individual wanting to upskill or retrain or an employer looking for specialised staff training, Manukau Institute of Technology is the place for you. We have a variety of short courses and they can all be customised for your organisation, offered off-site or on-site, and taken at a scheduled delivery.

CNC Operator

Manukau Institute of Technology is the solution to your training needs, and where you want your future employees to come from.

For any enquires contact our team directly on 09 968 8775 or email

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