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Cheal Consultants

Cheal Consultants

With a history spanning over 80 years, Cheal offers extensive expertise across the fields of Engineering, Surveying, Resource Management Planning, Terrestrial & Metrology Grade Laser Scanning, and precision machine alignment with our Laser Tracker.  An award-winning, multi-disciplinary consultancy with offices throughout the north island.

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The Cheal Surveying team is often presented with challenging projects. To meet or exceed our clients’ expectations we invest in cutting edge surveying technology.

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Scanning is in hot demand and is one of our commonly used surveying methodologies. We are able to provide a wide range of scanning services using equipment such as long-range 3D laser scanners, handheld scanning devices & our laser tracker for high-end metrology grade work. To complement our scanning services, we own UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles or drone) to fill the gaps from above.

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Cheal consistently develop innovative ways to provide our clients with a quality solution. Applying laser scanning, laser tracker and drone technology not only gets the job done faster, but it is also cost-effective, accurate and complete.

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Keeping our team safe on the job is of the highest priority. Using these technologies provides us with a remote means to capture large survey datasets without putting anyone in harm’s way.

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Cheal has developed a firm reputation as leaders in the application of laser scanning and drone technology to the land development, energy, rural and manufacturing sectors.

We work closely with our clients to help them find the best solution for their project, with certainty on price and timeframes to ensure you can make an informed decision. We can and want to be your trusted development partner, for more information visit our website.