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Chemz® is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated manufacturer of aerosol and bulk chemical products made for specific industry sectors, with a product range that focuses on trade quality cleaners, lubricants coatings and maintenance products.

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Made to a standard, not a price

Chemz® works with leading industrial chemists to research and develop formulations for task-specific  products. With the best formulations adopted after extensive testing and outcome analysis.

This results-orientated approach is never compromised to reduce costs; instead costs are controlled through strong supply relationships where Chemz® is valued as a moderator in a market dominated by multinationals.

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Specialised products and advice for specialised markets

Chemz® has no desire to be the biggest – just the best. Our aerosol and bulk products are formulated for specific trade markets where reliability and performance is valued:

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  • Electrical/Electronic
  • Industrial/Engineering
  • Agriculture/Horticulture
  • Automotive/Light to Heavy Mobile Plant
  • Marine/Leisure

To view the complete CHEMZ® product range visit our website

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