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Control Devices

Control Devices

As New Zealand’s leading supplier of industrial components, Control Devices is proud to support the world’s quality engineering products.

Founded in 1997, Control Devices’ purpose is to provide the best possible engineering advice, technical support and product solutions to improve our customers’ operational performance.

Control Devices’ key objectives are to provide a quality product and customer satisfaction, with a cost-effective service. To achieve these goals, we actively engage our potential clients in decisions relating to our production processes and identify their needs.

Control Devices has committed to the requirements of an ISO 9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System in order to provide customer confidence, and as an assurance to ourselves that our service is meeting customer’s expectations. We continually review our Quality Objectives and communication techniques to ensure continual improvement of our systems.

Control Devices’ range of advanced solutions for measurement and control, including high-volume customised joysticks for OEM applications, are designed to fit the specific applications and needs of an ever-growing multitude of markets.

We are distinguished from other engineering supply companies by our

  •   Broad and deep inventory of quality products
  •   Diversification across industry sectors, countries and markets
  •   Customer focused marketing
  •   Commitment to engineering excellence and innovation

Key brands under management including Penny & Giles Controls (part of the Curtiss Wright Industrial Group), APEM Components, IDEC, Lika Electronic, Seika, Ditel, Positek, Gill, EFE, Herga Technology, Lumel. We offer the broadest range of joystick controllers, linear and rotary sensors, inclinometers, accelerometers, encoders, digital displays and switches.

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