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FTN Motion - Innovation Lab

FTN Motion - Innovation Lab

FTN Motion is a Wellington start-up looking to bring the carefree Kiwi lifestyle to a new breed of electric vehicles. Our moped class electric motorbike - with an impressive 30L of storage and 100km range built around an uncomplicated, stress-free layout - is all about returning people to that pure and simple feeling of just jumping on a bike and hitting the road.

Moped 1

The bike also offers a unique and entirely fresh opportunity for customisation: The bike’s body is essentially a blank canvas ready for personalisation for customers and brands. Working together with like-minded New Zealand brands, FTN Motion is offering a new way of thinking about what a motorbike can be by turning bikes into stunning works of art while also providing an exciting and fresh marketing opportunity for local businesses.

Moped 2

As a proud Kiwi start-up, FTN Motion is in a golden window of opportunity in the wake of the climate emergency declaration and increasing commitment to electric vehicles by the New Zealand government and consumers. We’re already making waves, with our beta launch sold out and interest and pre-orders already ramping up for the early adopter launch of 100 bikes towards the end of 2021 and plans to go international by 2022.

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