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30+ years in business. MasTec is your high tech distributor for 150 manufacturers with many product types:

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Instrumentation: IIoT, industrial automation, imaging, networking and wireless, PACs. PLCs, controllers and advanced HMI, test instruments, rugged tablets, industrial and embedding computing, sensors, gauges, transducers and conditioners, loggers, test and measurement hardware, DAQ, comms and software.

Power Systems: Commercial and industrial UPSs, PDUs, advanced high power test instrumentation and synthesisers, OPTO 22 SSRs, transformers and active AC line conditioners and stabilisers, thyristors and IGBT controllers, variacs and metering.

Medical: Medical instrument testers and calibration, medical grade certified transformers, UPSs, inverters and AC conditioners, medical computers and tablets, lab instruments and a huge range of microscopes.

 Integration: MasTec designs, manufactures, installs and commissions complete Industry Test Systems to IANZ Standards.  Solutions include industrial computers, tablets, POE distributed IO running TCP Modbus high speed and resolution DAQ, all running inside a LabVIEW App.  Includes calibration of all sensors, checking each IO point and individual test apps.  This software uses MasTec’s advanced LabVIEW component object design methods.

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Seminar Presentation:

MasTec will also be doing a seminar on LabVIEW running POE TCP Modbus Distributed DAQ IO, showing off LabVIEW Component Object Design and with a highlight of how to do “Hidden Data” properly which even includes a full blown editor to view and modify all Hidden Data on disk.  This is a must see for any developer and large application builder.

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