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Plazmax Technologies

Plazmax Technologies

Kiwi Owned & Operated, Plazmax provide automation solutions for the manufacturing sector. They have a comprehensive range of CNC plasma profile cutting machines and robotic integration expertise as re-sellers of the best offline robotic programming & re-tasking software – Robotmaster. We offer product support, servicing, parts and consumables supply for a vast range of steel processing machines across Australasia.


Plazmax Technologies is an innovative company designing and manufacturing automated profile cutting systems for both the NZ and international markets.

Working closely with a USA based multinational, Hypertherm, and integrating the very best of international technology, Plazmax are able manufacture world leading automated machinery, right here in New Zealand.

Our design and manufacturing philosophy is to help our customers to increase production and reduce operating costs, making them more competitive in an increasingly competitive local and global market.

We offer a total package, including service and support, consumables, spare parts, nesting software and training. We fully support what we sell.

Plazmax has an active R&D programme, always looking for ways to innovate and add value for our customers with clever and innovative technology.

Robotic systems for cutting and welding along with a host of other applications is an exciting area of the market that Plazmax are developing on the back of Hypertherm’s market leading Robotmaster off-line programming software. This software is set to revolutionise robotic application in NZ.

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