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Quasar Systems

Quasar Systems

Quasar provides businesses with intelligent energy and power data to enable them to reduce costs, maximise operations and meet business goals.

We collaborate with our clients to provide them with advanced energy and power quality metering systems and SCADA and HMI systems to assist with their diverse requirements from business analysis and reporting through to a variety of operational applications.

From extensive systems for large energy users, through to small billing systems, our three decades of experience as a system integrator ensures each client receives a high quality solution which meets their individual needs.

We utilise Schneider Electric power metering hardware and power monitoring software to build our advanced energy and power quality metering systems.

The ION9000 meter is the world’s most accurate power quality meter. At 0.1S it exceeds even the most stringent accuracy standards, unlocking significant new energy savings for an innovative competitive edge. Onboard web pages provide meaningful, actionable EN50160 and IEEE519 power quality compliance data. Smart power event analysis (with Power Monitoring Expert) correlates facility-wide, system-level events for decisive power quality information and root cause analysis. More than a meter, the ION9000 is the exclusive powerhouse of critical power systems.

Power Monitoring Expert (PME) is purpose-built to help power-critical and energy-intensive facilities maximize uptime and operational efficiency. PME gives insight into electrical system health and energy efficiency so you can make informed decisions to improve power system performance. With its open, scalable architecture, PME connects to smart devices across your electrical system – power and energy meters, protective relays and circuit breakers, RTUs and PLCs, VSDs, UPS, and PQ mitigation equipment – and integrates with process control systems and many other enterprise platforms. PME organizes the data gathered from your facility’s electrical network and presents it as meaningful, actionable information via an intuitive web interface.

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