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Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab is the world’s leading dedicated small satellite launch provider. Rocket Lab provides end-to-end mission services, including complete satellite build and launch solutions, that provide rapid, frequent and reliable access to space for government and commercial small satellites.

Rocket Lab operates the world's first and only private orbital launch complex in Māhia, New Zealand, from where scores of satellites have been launched to orbit with 100% mission success for customers since Rocket Lab's first orbital launch in January 2018. 

Right here in New Zealand, Rocket Lab’s 400+ team members manage operations and the design, build, and launch of its launch vehicle Electron. Rocket Lab also designs, builds, and operates Photon, a customizable satellite made to support missions both close to Earth and further afield. With increasing international interest in space exploration to the Moon and beyond from both government and private sectors, small satellites will play an important role in providing the technology, communications, and navigation infrastructure needed to support missions to the Moon and Mars – with Photon as the ideal technology demonstrator for those instruments.

F9 Stage 2 and Kick Stage

Electron at Launch Complex 1 Mahia Peninsula 2017 6
Headquartered in Long Beach, California, Rocket Lab operates launch sites in Māhia, New Zealand and Wallops Island, Virginia. To learn more, visit our website

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