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SprocketsNZ is New Zealand’s largest manufacturer and importer of both British and American Standard sprockets and chain.  We are currently servicing a range of industries such as timber, pulp and paper, food processing  and packaging, animal and pelt processing, mining, fruit sorting and custom design engineering to name a few. 

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At SprocketsNZ we have a large capacity workshop and with a team of 30 and with our combined, widely acclaimed industry experience, we can provide a complete service from design to manufacture through to installation.   With our large CNC and traditional workshop, we are able to offer a wide range of machined products.

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With the continued growth of our company and our customer base, we are constantly increasing our product range and services available to encompass our customers’ needs.  With the introduction of new products available to the industry, we are continually growing. Some of our latest products to hit the market have been Induction Hardened Sprockets, Solid Bush Roller Chain and Super Heavy Strength Chain and Steel Taper Lock Bushes.

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The Southchain division of PML manufactures and assembles a broad range of standard and customized conveying chains, these can include specialized attachments as per request; for all metric and imperial size chains.    

Almost any chain or sprocket is within reach as we have one of the biggest stock levels of chains and sprockets in New Zealand and an extensive manufacturing workshop.

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We are New Zealand’s exclusive agents for Donghua Transmission roller chain, conveyor chain, double pitch chain and agricultural chains and supply directly to distributors in New Zealand.  We also offer chains in stainless steel, dacromet coated, zinc plated, nickel plated and high tensile steel.

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