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Unknot Solutions - Innovation Lab

Unknot Solutions - Innovation Lab

Predict Your Maintenance is a preventive maintenance solution based on machine built-in IOT sensors.

PYM translates basic data, such as ‘runtime’, into valuable information such as the date of the upcoming service.

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PYM aims to make the industry 4.0 affordable to all businesses by offering a simple web application that can receive data from basic internet-enabled hardware such as hour meters and alarms, providing a solution to the digitalisation of your maintenance operations.

Running KAESER machines? Get the most of your smart controller, PYM can receive data directly from your KAESER equipment, without any extra hardware.

Predict Your Maintenance is a solution developed for your maintenance team to help them improve your productivity. PYM monitors your equipment 24/7 and advises your maintenance team to perform a service at the best time, in the most efficient way.

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