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Barry Robinson - RAM3D

Barry Robinson - RAM3D

It's a Big Deal - And it's getting bigger quickly

Monday 15 February - 1:00pm

Why is so much high-volume production manufacturing moving to full-strength Metal Alloy 3D-Printing?

This presentation explains one big reason why NZ companies right across the industry spectrum are adopting Full-Strength Production Manufacturing of their products, and seriously boosting their business. With metal strengths exceeding those of forgings, billet, plate and bar-stock, the 4 metal alloys printed in Tauranga have aligned with a key Kiwi ingredient and 10 great advantages to well and truly put New Zealand’s metals industry on the international stage.​

About the presenter:

Barry Robinson,  Director, RAM3D & General Manager at S.A.F.E Engineering and Committee member Maintenance Engineers Society NZ