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Ben Bodley - Teknique

Ben Bodley - Teknique

PRODUCT: Giving Products the Sense of Sight With Computer Vision and AI

Teknique's imaging solutions are used by many of the world's largest brands, including Google, Nest, Vivint and Axon. Its products help businesses that are integrating cameras into their own products, and embedding vision and artificial intelligence (AI) systems into their manufacturing and industrial automation processes. Learn how incorporating AI and cameras into your products and processes can unlock value for your business and your customers.

About the presenter

Ben Bodley is Chief Executive and founder of Teknique, ranked 8th on Deloitte’s 2017 Fast50 index. Bodley is a self-confessed ‘reformed software engineer’, which is code for ‘don't let him near any software’. Prior to Teknique, Ben cut his teeth working as a software engineer at Navman, Zephyr, Fusion Entertainment, Navico and Humanware.