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Dieter Adam - Manufacturers Network - EMA

Dieter Adam - Manufacturers Network - EMA

Getting your Workforce ready for Industry 4.0 - Challenges & Opportunities

Based on our research under the Skills Shift Initiative, and some early insights from improving digital competency levels for manufacturing companies through in-house training, we now have a better understanding of the challenges New Zealand manufacturers face when they aspire to get their workforce ready for the age of digital manufacturing. But we can also point to some opportunities for those manufacturers to ‘get ahead of the game’ by tackling this training early and well, and some potential upsides of the current reform of vocational education (RoVE) in New Zealand.

About the presenter:

Dieter Adam's experience covers senior executive and governance roles in the manufacturing and service sectors combined with business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships, both internationally and in New Zealand. Dieter took up his current role as Chief Executive of the Manufacturers’ Network (form. New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association) in May 2015