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Jason Low - Solid Consulting

Jason Low - Solid Consulting

How to Foster A Culture of Innovation in Your Business

What are the key things that need to be true to foster a culture of innovation in your business? Find out from someone who has lived it. Jason Low will share experiences that he has gained over his global career across a range of different industries including; Product Development, Packaging Design, Manufacturing, Project Management, Film (James Cameron's Avatar), FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Factory and Process Design, Injection Moulding, and Construction. You will find out about some exciting ways that you can engage and energise your team through culture, innovation tools, and innovative frameworks. As well as this, these concepts will help you develop products that your customers love.

About the presenter:

Jason Low is the Director and Innovation Consultant at Solid Consulting. He is a Product Development Expert, Innovation Leader, Designer, Maker, Customer Researcher, and a Certified® Rapid Learning Cycles Affiliate. He has held senior roles in design, project management, and manufacturing-related industries during his global career. Including Head of Design roles at two of the fastest-growing companies in the UK. He has a passion for helping businesses develop meaningful products and services, that will have a lasting impact on their customers and transform their user experiences.