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Kevin Flint - Oasis

Kevin Flint - Oasis

PROCESS: From Lean to Digital Lean: How an Engineering Business Started Its Industry 4.0 Journey

Before starting its Industry 4.0 journey, Tauranga-based engineering business, Oasis Engineering, went back to basics. The business is now shipping better products faster after applying Lean methodologies to its product development and manufacturing processes. With the strong process and culture base, Oasis Engineering is now connecting machines, adding sensors and cameras and using data to drive its decisions. In this session, hear all about how the business kickstarted its own Industry 4.0 journey.

About the presenter

Oasis Engineering general manager, Kevin Flint, is a chartered engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in production and design development. Flint has mentored and managed a range of projects involving systems and processes, including Lean Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints (ToC), and has implemented a range of digital technologies as part of Oasis Engineering’s digital transformation.