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Mike Fry - TiDA

Mike Fry - TiDA

3D Printing Large Cost-Effective Structural Metal Components

Monday 15 February - 3:15pm

Historically 3D printing has been restricted to polymer components and smaller scale high-value metal items. Developments in Wire Arc Additive Manufacture (WAAM) have made practical and cost effective the 3D printing of large (1 to 250kg+) metal parts. Combining the design freedom of 3D printing, applied to large scale metal structural parts, WAAM offers new possibilities for building, industrial and artistic projects. The presentation will outline recent developments and status of the WAAM Process. The design, analysis, printing process, and manufacturing economics of a 3D printed, 25kg stainless steel architectural building element will be described as an example. This case demonstrates a combination of complex organic appearance, mechanical performance, cost effectiveness and design flexibility not achievable by conventional means.

About the presenter:

Mike Fry has been CEO of TiDA in Tauranga since 2016.  TiDA specialise in Titanium, Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing (AM) and operates an EOS 270M - the first metal 3D printing machine brought to NZ. Mike is a Chartered Engineer with 26 years of experience conducting and leading engineering research and development.