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Sarah Ramsey - United Machinists

Sarah Ramsey - United Machinists

PROCESS: Re-imagining an Existing Machine Shop to a Factory of the Future

Established in 1977, United Machinists precision engineer critical components for hi-tech manufacturers across the aerospace, medical, mining and marine industries. Chief Executive Sarah Ramsay will share how the business is executing its vision to be the ‘machine shop of the future’. Starting out with a goal to display live KPI data in the workshop, the business has gone on to make a range of other improvements, including implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP), redesigning physical processes and workshop layout for flow, and overhauling the organisational structure and team vision. Eighteen months later, the business uses automated scheduling, has live real-time production weblinks for clients, and a multidisciplinary team, systematically removing bottlenecks.

About the presenter

Sarah Ramsay has a strong background in investment and marketing. Now Chief Executive at hi-tech manufacturing business United Machinists, Ramsay has boosted business growth and launched a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facility. Ramsay has also been a driving force in the local Dunedin startup scene, founding and becoming director at industry body, Southern Otago Regional Engineering Collective (SOREC) to help lead the renaissance of engineering in the region.