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Andrew Cowie - Beca

Andrew Cowie - Beca

PROCESS (Keynote): Starting Small in Industry 4.0

Figuring out how to start, or even continue, digitising can be daunting for any business. But the first step is often as simple as getting your business ‘digital ready’. In this session, Phil Anderson from Callaghan Innovation and Andrew Cowie from Beca will share how a range of exciting government initiatives can help you kickstart or accelerate your Industry 4.0 journey.

About the presenters

Andrew is an Associate Project Manager working within Beca's Industrial Advisory business line. Beca is a leading professional services provider with a focus on Australasian clients. Andrew delivers a variety of technology-led projects including Industry 4.0, software, data analytics and AI, BIM & digital engineering advisory etc. I love the variety of opportunities that my role provides !!

Andrew's work history includes leading projects across a range of market segments including Food & Beverage, Water and Wastewater, Airports, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and Theatre. I am fortunate to have gained my project experience while working in over 15 countries.

Phil Anderson is a business innovation expert at Callaghan Innovation, focusing on high-value manufacturing businesses. Prior to this, Anderson was a shareholder and general manager at Cleanflow Systems, a tech startup which designed and manufactured multi-sensor inspection systems for the wastewater industry. Cleanflow Systems was acquired by US business Redzone Robotics in 2011.