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Zubbin Navroji - 3D Printer Store

Zubbin Navroji - 3D Printer Store

3D Print PEEK & Advanced Materials

Monday 15 February - 4:00pm

As 3D printing becomes more mainstream, many people are familiar with the technology. Advanced materials have been quite expensive, so making parts from them has been largely avoided. Instead, metals are used. 3D printing them is proving to be a very affordable method, especially for smaller or one-off parts. Industrial machines to print these materials cost over $300K. However, newer affordable machines under 10K are also able to do this when used correctly, especially for smaller parts or one-off requirements.

3D Printing PEEK, PEI or other such materials is not as complicated as it sounds. Good hardware is of course needed, but beyond that, the fundamentals of good 3d printing apply. While this presentation may sound like it is only about advanced materials, many of the points discussed apply even to the simplest of materials & will greatly improve all your 3d prints.

About the presenter:

Zubbin Navroji was the first in NZ to start an advanced materials & PEEK 3D Printing service. Zubbin has 10 years experience in 3D Printing & design optimisation for 3D printing and has assisted many companies implement advanced material 3D printers for their workflow. Founder of 3D Printer Store & 3D Printing Services and today has some of the country's largest clients on-board in using desktop grade devices for commercial applications.