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3d printer winner

3d printer winner

Congratulations to Paul Bao of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited, the winner of the EMEX 2016 UP BOX 3D printer prize, sponsored by 3D printing systems.

Paul visited EMEX to research 3D printers for use in prototyping, and now he has one of his own. Congratulations Paul - We look forward to seeing what you produce with it. If you'd like to know more about the UP BOX 3D printer and it's uses, visit the distributors website in the link below.

Designed specifically for educators and professionals looking for fast, hassle-free 3D printing with exceptional quality. The new UP BOX, distributed by 3D printing Systems boasts a host of features, from Smart Support, a big build volume of 10.7 L and automatic leveling, to paper-thin layer HD resolution with a heated build platform. While most 3D printers produce particle emissions during the printing process, the UP BOX 3D printer is armed with a HEPA filtration system to constantly clean the printing environment during printing.

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