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Getting better returns from your Product Development

Getting better returns from your Product Development

Presented by Saskia van der Geest - FREE REGISTRATION REQUIRED - (note: this workshop is not part of the Callaghan Innovation program)

When it comes to new product development (NPD) the challenges for most CEO's are: 

  • poor ROI - GM$ 
  • cost of re-work, complaints,
  • impact of NPD on BAU
  • poor communication - poor visibility, unaligned team

and for most PD managers: 

  • NPD isn't fun, "I'd love to do things better but am already working 60hrs/wk."
  • I'm stressed, not enjoying my job
  • I can't get through to the management team. 

This session is a conversation Saskia will share her learnings & insights, some of the common traps and how to prevent them and she will share some of the latest thinking to improve NPD. As a participant, you will leave this session with new connections, draft plans and tools ready to implement in your workplace. 

You will be part of the conversation to help the industry improve ROI on PD and be more successful on the international stage. - Faster, better, more profitable NPD with more fun. A consistent pipeline of new products. Because "when NPD flows, everyone is happy!"

This session is a great foundation for the Rapid Learning Cycles workshop that David Stokes presents from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

About Saskia van der Geest:

Saskia helps organisations to design better products/services faster. She specializes in improving productivity to help your team deliver a consistent flow of new products ‘faster, better, and more profitable’.

Saskia has a passion for progress and an obsession with implementation. She is driven to help people to deliver great work. She loves seeing teams deliver their craft together beautifully.

Saskia has a very practical approach, with a people lens. She makes the complex easy. It gives you time back in your day, so you can do your job better.

Born in the Netherlands and based in Queenstown, New Zealand, Saskia is backed by the rare mix of a Master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Technische Universiteit Delft (one of the best in Europe) and a marketing degree and has worked as a speaker, trainer, coach, facilitator, mentor with many of the top national companies over the past 20 years.