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Introducing Lean to your business

Introducing Lean to your business

Presented by Bryan Travers - FREE REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Thursday 2 June - 10:00am to 12:00pm

Lean helps boost the competitiveness and performance of medium-to-large-scale high-value manufacturing, service and supply-chain businesses. This workshop will introduce businesses to Lean principles, and support them with a range of other business skills, including identifying customer value-add activities and business inefficiencies, and improving planning, staff engagement, inventory and production flow. The workshop will also explore how to create a continuous culture of improvement in a business.

Presenter bio

Bryan Travers is a regular presenter in University of Auckland Business School executive programmes, and facilitates the Lean Programme. He’s the owner-operator of consultancy practice, Quality Dynamics Limited, and has 20 years’ experience as a Chief Executive in businesses in NZ and Australia. Travers also has extensive international benchmarking experience, and decades of experience coaching and consulting to leading NZ and Australian businesses.

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