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Surf the next innovation wave - get ready for 2025

Surf the next innovation wave - get ready for 2025

Presented by Saskia van der Geest - FREE REGISTRATION REQUIRED - (note: this workshop is not part of the Callaghan Innovation program)


The next innovation wave is coming. Are you ready for it? Are you going to enjoy & surf this new innovation wave? Be on the leading edge?

The wave is driven by the changes our planet is facing.  Phrases like Re-manufacturing, System thinking, Biomimicry, Designing for the Circular Economy, etc. will become our new jargon. Are you  ready for it?  Have you thought about how your organisation can make the most of the opportunities the new wave offers?  How it might change your organisation for the better? How you could be leading?

Wondering where to start? Come join this session and pick up some ideas and possible directions. Get a feel for where the opportunities might be for your organisation. There are some brilliant opportunities in this, some awesome innovations. IF you're willing to grab them!

I’m working with clients, helping them with ideas and strategies, pointing out where the opportunities are (there are plenty!) and how to make the most of them. Come and get your thinking started, pick up ideas, new connections.

It's a learner journey for all of us. Start learning!

The innovation wave is coming and you don’t want to become a ‘Kodak moment’, do you?

Interested to learn more? Come join the workshop. 

You'll walk out with ideas, tools and connections to be on your way to be an award winning leader.

About Saskia van der Geest:

Saskia helps organisations to design better products/services faster. She specializes in improving productivity to help your team deliver a consistent flow of new products ‘faster, better, and more profitable’.

Saskia has a passion for progress and an obsession with implementation. She is driven to help people to deliver great work. She loves seeing teams deliver their craft together beautifully.

Saskia has a very practical approach, with a people lens. She makes the complex easy. It gives you time back in your day, so you can do your job better.

Born in the Netherlands and based in Queenstown, New Zealand, Saskia is backed by the rare mix of a Master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Technische Universiteit Delft (one of the best in Europe) and a marketing degree and has worked as a speaker, trainer, coach, facilitator, mentor with many of the top national companies over the past 20 years.