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Manufacturing Futures



On Day 2 of EMEX, Callaghan Innovation will be hosting the Manufacturing Futures Speaker Series covering a range of topics with speakers from Beca, FrameCAD, United Machinists and more.

Callaghan Innovation is the government agency that support business R&D, accelerate innovation and empower New Zealand’s innovators. Click here to learn more.


10.00 am:   Introduction

Your host/MC for the day will welcome you and run through the day’s schedule, with a stellar line-up of speakers and topics.

He’ll also frame up “what is Industry 4.0” and how this set of advanced and connected technologies can help a business secure a bright future

About the presenter

Phil Anderson New small

Phil Anderson is a business innovation expert at Callaghan Innovation, focusing on high-value manufacturing businesses. Prior to this, Anderson was a shareholder and general manager at Cleanflow Systems, a tech startup which designed and manufactured multi-sensor inspection systems for the wastewater industry. Cleanflow Systems was  acquired by US business Redzone Robotics in 2011.

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10.05 am:   Manufacturing Futures for the Next 40 Years

In this session, hear key insights on how to navigate trends and megatrends to manufacture your own future.

About the presenter

Robert Blache Callaghan Innovation 2

Robert Blache is on the Future Insights team at Callaghan Innovation. He helps NZ businesses identify opportunities and challenges arising from global innovation and market trends. Blache specifically focuses on advanced manufacturing, and the evolving opportunities around Industry 4.0 and 3D printing.

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10.15 am:  Industry 4.0 Lighthouse Factories - the future now.  

Nathan Soich will present the latest thinking from Facteon’s global customer base and their cutting edge lighthouse factories. He will present examples of scaled best practice which will showcase operational and business benefits of the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies in manufacturing. 

Owned by Haier, Facteon is a leading provider of integrated digital and automation solutions for manufacturers. Facteon solutions support some of the largest manufacturers in Asia, Europe and North America to deliver products to customers. More than 20 million products are produced with Facteon technology every year from products as diverse as appliances, confectionary, office furniture, beverages, dairy and aerospace.   

About the presenter

Nathan Soich

Nathan has a background in marketing and product having worked for a range of global B2B organisations in ICT, automation and ag-tech industries. As Facteon’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Nathan is the voice of the customer within Facteon, overseeing marketing operations, strategy and the sales channel. He is a regular speaker at technology industry events and guest lectures at Tech Futures Lab. 

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10.30 am:   Dreaming and Building an Industry 4.0 Enabled Factory – A Case Study

Wood Engineering Technology (WET) has developed a novel Industry 4.0-enabled process for turning low-value, weak wood into high-value structural-strength lumber. Hear how its ‘factory of the future’ has been intelligently designed for domestic and international scale.

About the presenter

Tony Johnston web 150x150

Tony Johnston has been a director at Wood Engineering Technology (WET) since the business was founded in 2005. Prior to that, he was Chief Operating Officer at Tenon Limited, a NZ publicly-listed company until the business was sold to a partnership.

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11:00 am: Starting Small in Industry

Figuring out how to start, or even continue, digitising can be daunting for any business. But the first step is often as simple as getting your business ‘digital ready’. In this session Andrew Cowie from Beca will share how a range of exciting government initiatives can help you kickstart or accelerate your Industry 4.0 journey.

About the presenter

Andrew Cowie

Andrew is an Associate Project Manager working within Beca's Industrial Advisory business line. Beca is a leading professional services provider with a focus on Australasian clients. Andrew delivers a variety of technology-led projects including Industry 4.0, software, data analytics and AI, BIM & digital engineering advisory. 

Andrew's work history includes leading projects across a range of market segments including Food & Beverage, Water and Wastewater, Airports, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and Theatre. He is fortunate to have gained project experience while working in over 15 countries.  

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11.15 am:   Re-imagining an Existing Machine Shop to a Factory of the Future

Established in 1977, United Machinists  precision engineer critical components for hi-tech manufacturers across the aerospace, medical, mining and marine industries. Chief Executive Sarah Ramsay will share how the business is executing its vision to be the ‘machine shop of the future’. Starting out with a goal to display live KPI data in the workshop, the business has gone on to make a range of other improvements, including implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP), redesigning physical processes and workshop layout for flow, and overhauling the organisational structure and team vision. Eighteen months later, the business uses automated scheduling, has live real-time production weblinks for clients, and a multidisciplinary team, systematically removing bottlenecks.

About the presenter

Sarah Ramsey web 150x150

Sarah Ramsay has a strong  background in investment and marketing. Now Chief Executive at hi-tech manufacturing business United Machinists, Ramsay has boosted business growth and launched a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facility. Ramsay has also been a driving force in the local Dunedin startup scene, founding and becoming director at industry body, Southern Otago Regional Engineering Collective (SOREC) to help lead the renaissance of engineering in the region.

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11.30 am:   From Lean to Digital Lean: How an Engineering Business Started Its Industry 4.0 Journey

Before starting its Industry 4.0 journey, Tauranga-based engineering business, Oasis Engineering, went back to basics. The business is now shipping better products faster after applying Lean methodologies to its product development and manufacturing processes. With the strong process and culture base, Oasis Engineering is now connecting machines, adding sensors and cameras and using data to drive its decisions. In this session, hear all about how the business kickstarted its own Industry 4.0 journey.

About the presenter

Kevin Flint web 150x150

Oasis Engineering general manager, Kevin Flint, is a chartered  engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in production and design development. Flint has mentored and managed a range of projects involving systems and processes, including Lean Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints (ToC), and has implemented a range of digital technologies as part of Oasis Engineering’s digital transformation.

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1.00 pm:   Smart Products: Re-inventing Products and Evolving Business Models

Our digital world creates a raft of opportunities for businesses to develop and introduce more integrated and responsive business models, from new ways of making a profit to innovative ways of engaging with customers. This means thinking beyond incremental productivity gains to start creating, developing and managing significant new value opportunities.

About the presenter

Ross Pearce small

Ross Pearce has more than 25 years’ innovation leadership and product development experience. Pearce focuses on identifying, creating and delivering compelling value. He has led innovation and design initiatives across a wide range of technologies and high-value manufacturing sectors, including medical, scientific, automotive, consumer, computer, electronic, security, refrigeration, marine, heating, gaming, communication, furniture, retail, logistics and vending.

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1.15 pm:   How Digitally Enabled Products Can Create New and Long-Lasting Value for Your Business

Introducing digitally-enabled products and processes to a business is about more than just efficiency, it can also create recurring revenue streams. Such business models, for example ‘software-as-a-service’ (SaaS) can also improve customer engagement.

FRAMECAD, manufacturer of automated construction technology, is a Kiwi exemplar of design-led innovation using Industry 4.0 methodologies to improve its business model and processes. Hear how this NZ tech business is executing its bold vision of creating a global platform for 3D design and real-time engineering, enabling the launch of automated manufacturing facilities in more than 100 countries.

About the presenter

Mark Taylor 150x150 web

In 1987, Mark Taylor had a vision to  bring digitisation to the construction industry, and established FRAMECAD, manufacturer of automated construction technology. Since then, Taylor has grown the business from a consultancy service into a global leader in the supply of intelligent software and manufacturing processes.

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1.30 pm:   Giving Products the Sense of Sight With Computer Vision and AI

Teknique's imaging solutions are used by  many of the world's largest brands, including Google, Nest, Vivint and Axon. Its  products help businesses that are integrating cameras into their own products, and embedding vision and artificial intelligence (AI) systems into their manufacturing and industrial automation processes. Learn how incorporating AI and cameras into your products and processes can unlock value for your business and your customers.

About the presenter

Ben Bodley web 150x150

Ben Bodley is Chief Executive and founder of Teknique, ranked 8th on Deloitte’s 2017 Fast50 index. Bodley is a self-confessed ‘reformed software engineer’, which is code for ‘don't let him near any software’.  Prior to Teknique, Ben cut his teeth working as a software engineer at Navman, Zephyr, Fusion Entertainment, Navico and Humanware.

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2.00 pm:   Product Management: Designing Products Customers Want to Buy

Hear how product management practices are key to understanding the customer and their challenges. Gain tips on understanding customers’ needs, how to interpret their issues, and which team members should be involved in product management in an organisation.

About the presenter

Shane Dooley 150x150 web

Shane Dooley is a business innovation advisor at Callaghan Innovation. Dooley has worked extensively in tech product development management for export companies and specialises in agritech, export, commercialisation, product management and global product launches.

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2.15 pm:   Customer-Centric Product Development: Keeping Customers Front of Mind

Learn about customer-centric product development and why product management is so crucial for all businesses. In this session, we’ll explore the ‘voice of the customer’ and how you can take the first steps to developing a customer-centric approach.

About the presenter

Steven Whitaker

Steven Whitaker is a business leader with experience across a diverse range of markets, product types and organisational functions, specialising in product innovation to match customer needs with tech solutions. He’s held a range of roles across  product management, R&D, operations, customer experience and sales, both in NZ and internationally.

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 2.25 pm:   Understanding the Customer

Understanding customers’ needs is not as simple as just asking them what they want. This session will explore useful techniques and tips for understanding customers and how businesses can apply this knowledge to their own products or features.

About the presenter

Pip Gilbert 150x150 web

A status quo-challenger, growth junkie and strategic thinker with expertise in scaling, strategy, product, customer research, innovation, and wild ideas, Pip's career has spanned analytics, software, services, hardware and more. She has held leadership roles with NZX-listed EROAD, growth engine The Icehouse, and most recently applying her experience to scaling big data analytics for Dexibit. 

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2.40 pm:   Taking the Risk out of Production Development

How can businesses take the risk out of product development? Learn techniques to test and develop innovation ideas and to accelerate testing prototypes. 

About the presenter

Brian Rose smallest

Brian is an experienced Product Manager working with Gallagher Group Ltd for 17 years, he has spent the last 5 years managing several portfolios for Gallagher Group, one of NZ's leading manufacturers and exporters. Prior to this Brian was a lead development engineer with a strong background in technology and in particular exporting technology globally. Brian has a strong connection with Agritech having grown up on a dairy farm and enjoys the challenge of matching customer needs with product and technology.  


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