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Allan Thompson - Leap Australia

Allan Thompson - Leap Australia

Augmented Reality (AR) in Manufacturing

Allan will provide an overview of Augmented Reality (AR) technology and how it is used to enhance the design, manufacturing and in-service stages of products and manufacturing processes.   Case studies will explain the insights and productivity benefits provided by AR in the manufacturing process – utilising IoT connectivity to overlay real-time data on equipment to be viewed in-context throughout a manufacturing plant, with measurable benefits to training of new staff and in providing feedback on faults and remedies to maintenance technicians.  Allan will include live demonstrations of how to create and interact with AR using both the Microsoft Hololens and consumer smartphones/tablets. Join us to learn how AR can be easily incorporated into your existing design and manufacturing processes to provide immediate and tangible benefits.

Allan Thompson, PTC Technical Manager – LEAP Australia

For 20 years, Allan Thompson has worked with companies across Australia & New Zealand, helping them transform the way they develop, design and service their products though Digital Engineering.  During this time, he and the team at LEAP Australia have worked with thousands of companies in multiple verticals to successfully implement CAD\CAM\CAE, PDM & PLM and more recently, IoT and AR solutions.