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Barry Robinson & Craig Carlyle / MESNZ

Barry Robinson & Craig Carlyle / MESNZ

The Emperor still wears fluro clothes / Demystifying the H & S legislation

Following on from their 2008 and 2017 reviews of the practical reality of Health and Safety in the work place, the Maintenance Engineering Societies Craig Carlyle and Barry Robinson expose some shocking truths about the progress made since Pike River and the new Health and Safety At Work Act.

Is your world confused by health and safety smoke and mirrors? Are you really safe or are you just following the herd? You may just be surprised who the real culprits are to blame for confusion and fear in the new health and safety world. Let’s take a fresh look at what we are trying to do and get some pointers on making health and safety SIMPLE!

Barry is a time-served Tradesman Toolmaker, NZCE in Mechanical Engineering, and Marine Engineer 3rd class. His working life has been in the heavy engineering industry, specializing in hot-forging, heat-treatment & practical metallurgical failure analysis.

Passionate about education & failure prevention, Barry has created a series of short intensive practical engineering training modules aimed at up-skilling all engineers from designers, tradesmen, technicians, apprentices to managers on the fundamental connections between material selection, manufacturing processes, and ultimate success or failure. His passion for product integrity, strengths of materials, failure analysis and engineering training has grown from being witness to so many expensive and repeated mistakes.

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Life member of the Maintenance Engineering Society and foundation member of the Health and Safety Association of NZ, Craig Carlyle’s expertise lies in the practical application of management systems in the workplace. After an award winning multi-national career, Craig’s mission is to pass the benefit of his extensive experience to tradesmen, engineers and line managers. He achieves this with his involvement in the MESNZ, HASANZ, the National Maintenance Engineering Conference and his own company’s systems and training.