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Brian Anderson / Pilz

Brian Anderson / Pilz

Your Machine vs Legislation - Do You Comply?

The first prosecutions under the new Health and Safety at work act have happened - What can we learn? 

What are the implications for how we approach Machine safety?
At what point does someone working on a machine adopt design responsibility?
As a machine "importer" or "Seller/Reseller" or "Purchaser" - what are my duties under the Act?
What are the Key standards for machine safety? and how are they considered in law?

Brian Anderson
These key points and the subjects around them will be presented by Brian Anderson
Brian is certified by TUV Nord as a machine safety expert and has over 34 years of electrical and automation experience.
This includes over 16 years specifically related to machine guarding and safety in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and USA.
Brian leads safety services engineering for Pilz in New Zealand and consults to Pilz worldwide.