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Craig Carlyle - MESNZ

Craig Carlyle - MESNZ


You understand Lean Manufacturing so why do you accept tradition and complacency in your maintenance function? How did a manufacturing plant in Hawkes Bay add $60m a year in turnover to their bottom line via their maintenance department? What could you achieve if you realised your potential?

Maintenance Engineering Society life member and industry expert Craig Carlyle shows how you can evolve your maintenance function to a 2020 model and add real value to the business using nothing more than your own trades intelligence and simple desktop tools. Move your function from fire fighting to Maintenance Excellence and position your operation for the leap to Lean Maintenance

Life member of the Maintenance Engineering Society and foundation member of the Health and Safety Association of NZ, Craig Carlyle’s expertise lies in the practical application of management systems in the workplace. After an award winning multi-national career, Craig’s mission is to pass the benefit of his extensive experience to tradesmen, engineers and line managers. He achieves this with his involvement in the MESNZ, HASANZ, the National Maintenance Engineering Conference and his own company’s systems and training.