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Dieter Adam - The Manufacturers Network

Dieter Adam - The Manufacturers Network

Closing the Gaps: Short and long-term measures to address the skills shortages in manufacturing.

This presentation will focus on how we can help closing our serious skill gaps in manufacturing, looking at short and long-term measures to address the skills shortages in manufacturing.  Essentially, we want to work towards answering the question – how can we get better at growing our own, both as an industry and at the individual business level.  

I’ll share this slot with a couple of people who are very experienced in recruiting and mentoring apprentices so as to ensure a positive experience from the apprenticeship for both the apprentice, and the employer. Barry Robinson from S.A.F.E. Engineering and Chairman of the Maintenance Engineering Society and Greg East of KZ Marine Group will provide first hand information on the success of these programs

We continuously hear from manufacturers about the challenges they have getting skilled workers, across many skill levels. This presentation will provide some real practical advice and insights to those running businesses who are trying to find skilled staff, and those who are bringing on apprentices.

Dieter Adam has worked with a large number of New Zealand’s leading food and beverage exporters, as well as manufacturers in the agritech sector, helping them grow their export businesses. With a Ph.D. in plant biotechnology and having held research positions in Germany and Denmark, Dieter arrived in New Zealand from Germany in 1986 to take up an academic position at the University of Waikato. He joined the commercial world in 1994 and has held senior management positions in the primary industry (Rayonier New Zealand, Livestock Improvement Corporation), as well as his own consultancy business and more recently at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. Dieter’s experience covers senior executive and governance roles in the manufacturing and service sectors combined with business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships, both internationally and in New Zealand. Dieter took up his current role as Chief Executive of the Manufacturers’ Network (form. New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association) in May 2015