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Jonathan Prince & Daniel Faris / Caliber Design & Locus Research

Jonathan Prince & Daniel Faris / Caliber Design & Locus Research

Alone we are smart; together we are brilliant. How to collaborate successfully - Stabicraft Fisher 1600 Case Study

We are a small country but we punch above our weight on the global stage. To compete, New Zealand businesses need to innovate and collaborate; using our collective skill sets to make collective gains. Sounds great in theory … but how do you make it work in practice?

Between them, Caliber Design and Locus Research have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience working on successful collaborations on products as diverse as a hair conditioning system and conveyor belts; electric bikes and spinal traction beds; a weatherboard system and food handling equipment.

Using the Stabicraft 1600 Fisher trailer boat as a case study, we’ll share the good, the bad, and the ugly about companies working together and making great products in New Zealand.

Jonathan has worked from some of New Zealand’s leading design companies, including Tait Communications, Formway, Intercad, and inFact. He has extensive experience in mechanical engineering, as well as sales, business development, and management. Jonathan is passionate about product commercialisation, the design process, and sustainable design and has a genuine desire to help businesses innovate. Some career highlights for Jonathan include being a design authority for the Tait Communications flagship T3000 handheld product range; leading the final design and productionisation of the internationally successful Formway Life Chair; and co-inventing the Windry gumboot dryer which won two Best Design Awards for innovation and sustainability.

An expert at balancing competing priorities, and identifying the right pathway for success, Daniel has a deep appreciation for human-centered design in the practical and commercial realities of research and development.He has spent 10 years of his career working in dynamic, innovation led companies spanning novel IT products, branding, e-commerce, Service Design, and product development. He works passionately to integrate the practical outputs of innovation with the three-dimensional nature of a human experience. As a senior project manager, he has driven complex, multi-disciplinary projects from strategy through to delivery. He thrives on the challenge of managing projects across multiple industries, disciplines, and outputs. He is a star at juggling Locus’s resources to best meet the needs of each client, and, as General Manager, helping steer the Locus ship and its highly competent crew through to commercial success.