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Jonathan Zyzalo - Fuji Xerox

Jonathan Zyzalo - Fuji Xerox

Additive Manufacturing: What’s in it for my business?

Are you wondering how your business can grow with 3D Printing? Have you considered 3D printing and found it did not live up to the hype or was just too expensive? Have you said I can still do that cheaper with my current methods? This seminar will cover where additive technologies fit in context with design and manufacture and where value can be added with the use of innovation and thinking beyond traditional manufacturing methods.

Dr. Jonathan Zyzalo is a 3D solutions specialist, with over 15 years of experience in the Additive Manufacturing industry. He has managed a large commercial 3D printing bureau and his experienced covers customer sales, production planning, procurement, maintenance, and all factory operations.

Dr. Zyzalo has been instrumental in pioneering 3D printing in New Zealand with a PhD in Engineering (Mechatronics), specialising in SLA rapid prototyping. Dr. Zyzalo has worked with a wide variety of local and international clients to consult on 3D prototypes, patterns and functional parts, and short run production for all sorts of applications with very specific specifications.