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Mike Hopkins - Energy Management Association NZ

Mike Hopkins - Energy Management Association NZ

Energy Efficiency is the New Black

Dr Mike Hopkins speaks on why energy efficiency is a critical component of corporate strategies and needs to be on the agenda of all employees. With an increasing focus on sustainability and carbon footprints in the Boardroom, understanding energy consumption and effective energy management is no longer about just cost saving, it is now about satisfying stakeholders a company is being managed sustainably, both financially and environmentally. This shift impacts operating and investment decisions. The engineering sector will be under scrutiny to deliver improvements and at the forefront of driving them.

Mike Hopkins is the CEO of the Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ). He has worked in the energy sector in New Zealand and the UK with clients covering generation, retailing, transmission, distribution and clearing market functions. He believes engineering and technology will become increasingly important in addressing climate change and shaping the future of New Zealand businesses in a low emissions economy.

EMANZ was formed in 1993 and is linked to Engineering New Zealand as a collaborating technical society. EMANZ carries out a range of activities that raise skills, knowledge and all-round competence in the field of energy management, facilitating the integration of sound energy management technologies and practices into all sectors of the New Zealand economy.