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Stephen Peruch - PhoenxPLM

Enabling Digitalization 

If you haven’t caught on that digitalization is the future of manufacturing, or even if you have, this presentation is key for you.

You will need to attend – Enabling Digitalization, to really appreciate the knowledge we will impart in this session. 

  1. Digitalization is not just for the biggest companies to adopt and deploy in their efforts to become even bigger.  PLM and digitalization will need to be the reality of all manufacturers.
  2. What can give you confidence in our discussion is that apart from the fact that Siemens PLM is an integral part of digitalization and the Industry 4.0 initiative, their ‘customers’ are global manufacturing companies, and their solutions are tried, tested and SCALABLE to all business sizes.
  3. Our job is to enable digitalization.  

In a world of smart, connected products, where entire markets can vanish with a single innovation, manufacturers must take a new approach to their business. Some are trying to anticipate trends by gathering data from product usage and feeding it back into product ideation, but even if they know what to make, they still have to make it. That’s why manufacturing – the realization phase of innovation – is vital in this new era.

We believe that manufacturers must weave a digital thread through ideation, realization and utilization. It’s not enough to digitize. That just mimics processes digitally for incremental improvement. Manufacturers have to digitalize. Digitalization makes the digital thread of knowledge a proactive agent in driving a business. With a fully optimized "Digital Enterprise", manufacturers are better equipped to initiate or respond to disruptive innovation.

Stephen Peruch is one of the most respected Digitalization and PLM experts in Australia and New Zealand.  His passion for manufacturing progression is shown on a daily basis, occupying the title ‘Change Agent’ for Industrial Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and Business Transformation.  Stephen is responsible for opening the discussions and configuring Teamcenter solutions for some of AUST & NZ’s largest Manufacturing companies. Stephen has more than 25 years of experience in Software Business Management, with a primary focus of PLM & Digitalization in Manufacturing Industries.