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Development trends in 3D printing of metal.

This presentation will outline the 3D metal Printing technologies currently available in NZ  and developments in the global market. 3D printing of metals is developing at a pace, new technologies, market entrant companies and new alliances are near weekly announcements.  Market pressure is to increase production volumes, reduce piece cost, and meet demanding quality assurance standards.  We approach a tipping point where 3D printed metal parts break-out of prototype/niche and toward low/medium volume production. 


Mike Fry has been CEO of TiDA in Tauranga since 2016.  TiDA specialise in Titanium, Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing (AM) and operates an EOS 270M - the first metal 3D printing machine brought to NZ. Mike is a Chartered Engineer with 26 years of experience conducting and leading engineering research and development.

After a mechanical engineering PhD in at University College London (sponsored by Jaguar), Mike worked at Lotus Cars.  Later joining Cosworth to lead road-engine research and then Chief R+D Engineer for Cosworth Technology under Audi ownership.   He became an independent engineering consultant in 2001. Mike has been active in Automotive/Race(Lemans)/Aero/low carbon and marine technology R+D for various international projects.  In NZ he has worked on material processing in Additive Manufacturing/metals/ceramics/plasma-spray/Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) and other related technologies.

Mike moved to New Zealand in 2007 with his wife Claire and 2 Children, planning a 1-year sabbatical stay for Claire as a GP.  They still live at Waihi Beach 11 years later, having been permanently seduced by the Kiwi coastal and outdoor lifestyle.