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Wolfgang Mahanty - Optimum GmbH

Wolfgang Mahanty - Optimum GmbH

Industry 4.0 in practice: Assistance systems and their possibilities

The mission „knowing what is“ provides release for the workers and at the same time documented quality. “Knowing what is“  means, to collect data that are known today and to evaluate them. Thereby, the digital twin and the digital shadow originate. Those two parameters work hand in hand and deliver the OEE= Overall equipment effectiveness.

With the target-performance-comparison sources of error can be recognized early and so they can finally be avoided. The mission „knowing what is“ can be realised with the use of assistance systems. These interactive systems guide the workers through their work process.

Important to know is that this is not about controlling the worker. It is  about supporting him!

Wolfgang Mahanty is the Director at Karlsruhe (Germany) based Optimum Data Management Solutions who have developed an individual assistance system for Industry 4.0 applications, which secures processes through intelligent image processing and supports your employees in their daily work.