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Aaron Reid - Callaghan Innovation

Aaron Reid - Callaghan Innovation

AI for Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence will transform the manufacturing industry by the use of advanced technologies like knowledge systems, machine learning, language models, computer vision, optimisation and reasoning. AI already offers a vast array of opportunities through its ability to leverage data to enhance productivity, efficiency, quality and safety. This presentation explores both currently available AI innovations and future AI possibilities for manufacturing

About the presenter:

Aaron is the Acting Team Leader and a Principal Research Scientist in the Data Vision Team at Callaghan Innovation. His expertise lies in the exciting fields of AI, machine learning, data science, image processing, and computer vision. Throughout his career, he has also worked extensively in telecommunications, big data, feature detection, information theory, and cognitive radio.

His passion lies in bringing technological innovation to businesses in New Zealand. He believes that leveraging the power of AI, machine learning, and data science can revolutionise how organisations operate and drive them towards greater success. One of his major influences is David MacKay, renowned for work on the value of extracting insights from data and the power of information analysis.