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James Tennent - Tentech

James Tennent - Tentech

Making CAD Data Management Sexy...

Organisations typically place the management of CAD data at the bottom of their priority list. Leading to inefficiencies directly impacting the bottom line of businesses.

Clients come to Tentech with these challenges day in and day out ….

  • Large volumes of CAD data on network drives
  • Uncontrolled data – broken references, no revision control, no duplication prevention
  • Internal and external collaboration challenges
  • Lack of granular security control
  • Onshore vs offshore data sovereignty challenges
  • Valuable time wasted on manual repetitive tasks.

Prioritising CAD management is essential, so let's make it sexy..

  • Systemised CAD data management is possible.
  • A single point of truth is achievable.
  • Automation is simple.

Solution – There's now an app for that…

  • Modularised platform to automate and streamline your CAD processes.
  • Configurable in-house through intuitive browser-based interface – no coding.
  • Streamline document control tasks.
  • Automate customer deliverables.
  • Integrate with ERP, MRP, CRM, PMS, ITSM
  • Toolsets available for large scale CAD data migration – history, references, metadata, OCR, AI data extraction/cleansing

Our presentation will include example case studies of implementations across wide range of organisations – government, manufacturing, engineering, defence.

… We told you it would be sexy.

About the Presenter:

James Tennent has over 15 years of proven experience in advanced robotics, data management, systems integration, and automation. He is at the forefront of machine learning and advanced AI and used this to develop a world first drawing processing tool to identify drawing features and metadata, along with converting read only drawings into usable formats. Tentech has been engaged by most of Australia’s power utilities, large manufacturing, mining and resource organisations to utilise tech innovation for business transformation. James and the Tentech team are dedicated to enabling organisations to harness cutting-edge technologies for growth, improved efficiency, and helping them reach their goals.