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Joseph Cockcroft - ProCadSys

Joseph Cockcroft - ProCadSys

An introduction to 3D Scanning

This presentation covers an introduction to 3D Scanning, how 3D Scanners work, the different 3D Scanner Categories, what is 3D Scan data and the various applications 3D Scanning can be used for.

About the Presenter:

Joseph Cockroft from Professional CAD Systems Ltd (PROCADSYS) specialises in 3D Metrology Hardware, 3D Scan-to-CAD, Quality Control and Asset Monitoring Analysis Software.  PROCADSYS’ mission is to distribute cutting edge portable 3D metrology and analysis technologies that increase productivity.

Through Joseph’s expertise and commitment, he has helped well over 100 companies from the manufacturing industry implement 3D metrology solutions.  The key to PROCADSYS’ innovation is the high-quality 3D optical measurement systems they distribute for Creaform Inc.  “Creaform’s technology helps our customers seamlessly create, simulate, verify, and collaborate in 3D, significantly enhancing their turnaround times and profitability”