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Oliver McDermott - Blender

Oliver McDermott - Blender

New Product Development - From Prototype to Scalable Production

We are a country full of clever inventors and entrepreneurs known for our ability to solve problems in novel ways. But when it comes to scaling these ideas into commercial product companies, we fall short. The mindset that serves us well to get to a working prototype stage is our Achilles’ heel when it comes to scaling up production and selling to the world.

Oliver has been helping companies to develop successful products for the past 17 years and can share a few lessons about what it takes to build successful product businesses from New Zealand.

-          Designing with a production mindset

-          Scaling Production - A phased approach

-          Managing Requirements & Quality


About the Presenter:

Oliver McDermott is a Founding Partner of Blender Design and a former board member of The Designers Institute of New Zealand. Oliver is a national design leader in looking for new and novel ways of designing and developing products and business models that deliver big positive impact.