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To help you succeed, we are assembling a set of free marketing tools for your use in preparation for EMEX. Dedicate a little time to planning before the event, and you'll reap significant benefits when the show arrives. These tools will greatly enhance lead generation. If you haven't started yet, we urge you to begin promoting your presence at EMEX today!


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Join the online conversation anytime by visiting our Facebook Page. Discover what's currently trending in the industry and seamlessly incorporate your brand's narrative into the discussion.


Show web tiles & email signatures

Enhance your advertising, marketing communications, and website by incorporating an EMEX logo, email signature, or banner. It's the most effortless way to maximize the show's impact on your business. Showcase your association with us by adding a clickable button to your website, linking it to: 

Personalise your tiles with Canva

Simply save the design, add your logo and stand number to share.