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Complete 3D

Complete 3D

What if you could potentially save up to 90% of your production costs?

What if you had access to expertise and workflows solving your design or engineering issues?

What if you had the competitive advantage of Additive Manufacturing?

As Einstein said so well "“Imagination is life's preview of coming attractions.” 

If that be the case then Additive Manufacturing is the technology to transform your imagination into reality.

To give you an example,  a young female student at the TUM University in Munich developed an Additive Manufactured antennae for a satellite from an existing part which consisted of 20 components. The superior AM antennae was printed as one, with a 90% cost saving.  Even with the smallest design improvements Additive Manufacturing can yield large impacts on product efficiency.   

It’s our mission to make sure ‘what if’ isn’t in your vocabulary. Come see us at Booth 1050 and we’ll share how you can adopt Industry 4.0 business models to drive the changes the rest of the world is already enjoying via rapid technology innovation.

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